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Strawberry Hill - Kingston, Jamaica Rio Vista - Port Antonio, Jamaica Jamaica Palace - Port Antonio, Jamaica Mockingbird Hill - Port Antonio, Jamaica Goblin Hill Villas - Port Antonio, Jamaica Frenchmans Cove Resort - Port Antonio, Jamaica Tropical Lagoon - Port Antonio, Jamaica Great Huts - Port Antonio, Jamaica Moon San Villa - Port Antonio, Jamaica
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Port Antonio

In the 1930's, "Porty", as the town is affectionately known, was a sleepy, banana-shipping village on Jamaica's isolated northeastern coast, quietly favored by an adventurous slice of the global elite.

Errol Flynn arrived on his schooner in 1946 and established the cattle and coconut estate that his widow, Patrice Wymore, still calls home.

Brooke Shields immortalized the region's raw beauty when she shot "The Blue Lagoon" a short drive from Port Antonio's Lilliputian downtown.

There are brief tropical downpours but what else could you expect in the parish of Portland, the lushest and wettest of Jamaica's 14 districts, of which Port Antonio is the capital?

A mix of regal and rustic sets the tone for much of Port Antonio, where the action is dictated by the landscape and local culture rather than resort attractions or cruise-ship excursions.

Port Antonio is the 'other' Jamaica, with little crime and incredibly welcoming locals eager for foreigners to join their community.

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